Chinmaya Mission Father’s Day picnic June 19, 2016

There will not be a Gita lecture on Sunday June 19th due to the Father’s Day Picnic.

Location: Deep Run Park, Shelter no. 2 (9900 Ridgefield Parkway, Henrico, VA)

Time: 9:30 am – 2:00 pm

Chinmaya Mission Father’s day Picnic Coordination
We need for the Picnic

Food Items such as
✓ Fresh Corn
✓ Whole Water Melon (Cut in pie pieces)
✓ Drinks – Soft Drinks, juice, Water
✓ Ice crème
✓ Idli Chutney
✓ Bhelpuri, Panipuri and Chutney
✓ Sweets and Cookies
✓ Paper Products ( Plates, Cups, Bowls, Spoons and Napkins
✓ 15 to 20 Small Prizes – Door prize for Dads and Game Winners
✓ Sandwiches – Cheese, Chutney and Jam
✓ Orzo Khichdi
✓ Pahua – Batata Pahua or Kanda Pahua
✓ Chips and Dips

We need help coordinating Food, Games, Arts and Crafts, Food, and Music.

✓ Music Coordination
✓ Games Coordination
✓ Food Coordination

Let us enjoy a day out picnicking.
Please volunteer to make the picnic a big success

RSVP to: Mina Bhatt, Namita Verma
Sonal Iyer, or Ami Shroff

Nilkanth (Neil) & Mina Bhatt


Chinmaya Mission Richmond

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Glen Allen, VA 23059

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