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Next session of Raj Yoga Classes by Janak Raj Pandhi will start on Saturday June 24, 2017. Please email Pandhi ji at “” if you want to enroll in this class. Because of the space limitation we will enroll not more than seven participants.


Chinmaya Mission Richmond


Raj-Yoga Classes

Tap Life Energy

8 Weeks Course

(Once a week every Saturday)

Starting on Saturday: June 24th, 2017

Time: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Conducted by: Janakraj Pandhi

(A disciple of Swami Poornanda Tirtha – A former chairman of the Yoga Advisory Board of the Govt. of India and Founder of Tirtha Academy of Yoga)

The course covers 12 types of Pranayams and Pran Kriyas. Practice of Pranayams transforms a person to a better physical, mental and intellectual state.

Health Benefits of Yoga

✓ Digestive system improves and diseases pertaining to digestive organs are cured.
✓ Diseases pertaining to lungs, heart and brain are also cured.
✓ Obesity, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Constipation, Flatulence, Acidity, Respiratory troubles, Allergy, Migraine, High BP, diseases pertaining to kidneys are also cured.
✓ Resistance against diseases is stepped up. Immunity develops.
✓ Energy chakras are cleaned and enabled one to awaken the Kundalini.
✓ Falling of hair or its premature graying, appearance of wrinkles on face or other parts of the body at young age, diminution eye sight, forgetfulness, etc. are relieved and process of aging is retarded.

Course Fee: $100 per person, Couple from the same family $180

Place: Vision Learning Center
11537-A Nuckols Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23059

For information call Janakraj Pandhi at 741-2920 E Mail or
Mina Bhatt at 364 – 1396 E Mail

Please let Pandhiji or Mina know if you would like to register for the classes. Please fill out the following registration form and send or fax to (804) 273 – 9843.